Date Identified: 2nd July, 2015

Issue: VBA password prompt is displayed multiple times on Exit from Excel after using Share Trade Tracker. The issue does not affect all users and is still under investigation for a full resolution.

The VBA password prompt only displays after a form has been displayed within Share Trade Tracker, to reproduce this issue open Share Trade Tracker and then perform a "Price Update" via the ribbon, now close Excel via the File -> Exit method and the VBA password prompt will be displayed on affected machines.

This problem is not specifically related to Share Trade Tracker and is a problem experienced by some users for any Excel workbooks that are password protected. See the solution VBA Password Prompt Test that replicates the problem with another workbook that is password protected.

Affected Versions

Share Trade Tracker all versions

The Chartist - Share Trade Tracker all versions


The following resolution is available for all users of Share Tracker Tracker where this problem is occurring on your workstation

Resolution available from following Versions

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.3 and above

The Chartist - Share Trade Tracker v2.2.3 and above

To implement this resolution you must first Upgrade Share Trade Tracker to the latest version and then follow the steps outlined below.

Resolution Steps:

  1. Upgrade or Install Share Trade Tracker to v2.2.3 or above
  2. Download the file FixVBAPasswordPromptSolution.xlsm (Note: Do NOT change the name of this file !!)
  3. Save that file to the same directory / folder as Share Trade Tracker
  4. Open Share Trade Tracker
  5. Run Update Prices and other functions of Share Trade Tracker
  6. Exit Share Trade Tracker
  7. You will see a new temporary pop-up message on exit
  8. The VBA Password Prompt should NOT appear

If you are not able to download the FixVBAPasswordPromptSolution.xlsm file from the link above you can download from the attached file link at the end of this solution.

Here is a image of the new process that you will see in v2.2.3 of Share Trade Tracker when the FixVBAPasswordPromptSolution.xlsm file is stored in the same directory / folder as the Share Trade Tracker workbook.

If this resolution does not resolve the issue on your computer then please contact the XLAutomation Support Team. We will endeavour to investigate and provide a specific solution for you. 

Ensure that you provide details of your operating system and the version of Office that you are running when you contact the team.

Resolution #2

Another resolution that has worked for some users is the removal of the "Badge" setting for Dropbox which can also result in crashing of Excel

Resolution available from following Versions

Share Trade Tracker v2.2.3 and above

The Chartist - Share Trade Tracker v2.2.3 and above

See the solution Dropbox Badge causes Share Trade Tracker to Crash and make that setting change within Dropbox to then resolve this problem.

This solution is provided for XLAutomation customers and has been tested in our development and testing environments. Customers that follow the instructions in this solution do so at their own risk and XLAutomation is not responsible for any unintended impacts that might result.