Date Identified: 2nd November, 2017

Issue: A recent change in Yahoo Finance functionality has now removed the ability to retrieve prices for multiple securities at the same time.

When clicking on "Update Prices" the user will receive the following error message

Affected Version

Share Trade Tracker - All versions

The Chartist - Share Trade Tracker - All versions

Impact: Price Updates cannot be applied for Share Trade Tracker and market values are not returned.

Workaround: The only available workaround to retrieve the latest market price for all securities in Share Trade Tracker is to run a "Date Range Report". This will return prices for all securities for the most recent close date. To run the report select Reports from the ribbon and then "Date Range Report", then specify the start and end date for the report. In this case ensure the start date is set to capture all your open positions, then set the end date to the most recent close date for the market being traded. The report will return the prices for those portfolios selected, this will not update the current market price or the dashboard, but will provide a market value in the report.

Resolved: A fix was implemented to Share Trade Tracker on 7th November, 2017 (Share_Trade_Tracker_v3.0.9). Update Prices is now functional again although much slower as it requires a web query for each security.

A fix for previous versions of Share Trade Tracker is being tested and will be released in the week starting Monday 13th November, 2017.