Date Identified: 22nd July, 2019

Issue: "An error occurred in the secure channel support", this occurs for some users running Windows 7 and attempting to configure World Trading Data. The issue relates to the configuration of TLS 1.2 communication on the Windows 7 computer NOT defaulting to secure communication when establishing the connection.

Affected Version

Share Trade Tracker - v3.4.2 and later

The Chartist - Share Trade Tracker - v3.4.2 and later

Impact: World Trading Data is not able to be used as a data source, the user must select a different data source or following the steps provided below

Resolution Steps: The following resolution has been identified for affected users. It has been confirmed by some users as a valid resolution. 

Note: XLAutomation does not provide any warranty or guarantee that the steps will resolve the issue or cause other issues on your computer. We suggest that you make a restore point on your computer before starting the resolution steps

Open the attached file and follow the resolution steps